President's Report

Winter 2024

Hello Clan Forrester,

Greetings at the beginning of a new year. How in the world did we get to 2024 so fast?! Well, I have always heard that time moves quicker the older you get. I have to say that just might be true. My mother used to tell me that getting old wasn’t for sissies and I thought that she way just being funny. But, there was a lot of truth and wisdom in her humor and I miss her every day.

We might now want to know just how fast it will go for us but I can tell you that we should all be mindful that time stands still for no one ever. I am remindful of the old Scottish quip, "Whas like us?...Damn few, and they are all dead!” All humor comes from a little truth.

Let’s not wake up one day to be the only one left, because we did not ask someone that we love them, even a few moments too late. Too late is simply too late. Maybe you had intentions to get involved with your church or perhaps, just maybe, to help Clan Forrester grow or help in the tent at the games or something else.

And while I am on a roll here, maybe you would like to serve on our board. Well, while we are all dedicated and willing to serve, time is marching on. There will come a day when…well, let’s not get there yet!! That one we can put off!

The point is that we need to have you all help us and get involved now, not later. Meet relatives and kinsmen that you never knew you had, spend time with a wholesome and fun group of people and at great events that celebrate YOUR HERITAGE.

I look forward to seeing you all this year at all of the games that Clan Forrester attends. Please come and help us out.

Yours Aye,

Wil Newman
President, Clan Forrester, USA